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Fire system satellite communication solution

2018-11-16 17:13:57    reading :

In order to improve the fire reaction force rapid response and fire fighting and rescue capabilities, fire supervision and management capabilities, and enhance the combat effectiveness of the troops, the fire protection system has formed a communication command and dispatch system as the leader, using computer network, wired communication network and wireless communication network as the platform to achieve the "connection" The computerized mode of police, the system of command system, the automation of command, the clustering of power dispatch, the real-time information, and the standardization of archives.
Our company has many years of experience in system integration, designing and building a set of satellite communication emergency command platform with complete functions, reliable performance and leading technology for fire protection users. This emergency command platform can realize the two-way transmission of voice, image and data and the unified command and dispatch of the system. In order to facilitate the leadership to make important decisions, the command center will conduct a real and effective unified command and dispatch of the emergency scene.  

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