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Tdy-ka-60 0.6m ka-band low rail terminal antenna

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-Product Introduction- main functionsTdy-ka-60 0 6m ka-band low rail terminal is a ground terminal developed for lo

-Product Introduction
- main functions
Tdy-ka-60 0.6m ka-band low rail terminal is a ground terminal developed for low rail Internet. It is mainly composed of antenna unit, turntable, servo control system (including motor and driver, position sensor, control tracking algorithm and track prediction software, etc.), control host, antenna radome and interface. The main surface is made of carbon fiber material, with high gain and light weight, and turntable plus tilt axis, which can realize over-top tracking. The whole system has the characteristics of high efficiency, light structure and high tracking accuracy.

-Product Features

The main characteristics of antenna are as follows:
1) excellent electrical performance of antenna:
A) gain: transmit > 42.5dbi and receive >39dBi;
B) axial ratio: ≤ 1.5db
C) standing wave 1.3 or less
2) main surface of carbon fiber: with molding mould, it can be produced rapidly in batch, with light weight and high gain.
3) initial satellite speed: orbit prediction algorithm + initial scanning method is adopted.
4) high tracking accuracy: the tracking error in the whole tracking process is < 0.5db (RMS).
5) good stability effect: closed-loop stability algorithm is adopted for azimuth, which can accurately track the satellite when it goes overhead
6) easy to use: can be fixed on the ground, also can be installed in vehicles such as the carrier, easy to carry and transfer.
7) easy maintenance: modular design system, the interface specification is concise, fault diagnosis and maintenance is convenient.
8) the use of safe, green environmental protection: the 24 v dc work, power consumption is less than 150 w, the weight of 60 kg.
Convenient integration: there are only 4 external interfaces, respectively for equipment monitoring, power supply interface, if receiving and if transmitting. The connection relationship is simple.

-Product Images

- Main Technical Parameters

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